It goes without saying, if you’ve spent any time as a sales person you’ve had a sales manager tell you or have read a book that you should always be selling the benefits over features.  So why then in 2012 do you still see companies spending money on ads that just list the services they offer?  It baffles my mind that if you’re going to spend any kind of money on advertising you should at least do a little research on an effective ad.

I used to work as head-hunter for a national recruiting firm.  One of the things we’d always see on a resume is the skills a person could perform.  We’d always tell the recruit, think of your job like you’re a basketball player.  What sounds more provocative, “I know how to shoot free throws” or “I’m a free throw shooting specialist with a 87% completion rate”?  Do you see the difference?  The feature is you know how to shoot free throws.  The benefit is an 87% completion rate.

The same is true for internet marketing and search engine optimization.  To often we see websites and ads that just list services provided by the company.  Let’s face it, if a customer has made it to your website they probably have a good idea that you already provide the product or service they are looking for.  Once your customer has made it to your website, you want to make sure you make the sale!  What is it that makes your service better than your competition?  What unique ability do you possess?  What does the customer gain besides the product or service they’re buying from you?  What existing conversation is that customer having?  Maybe it’s extra time in their day.  Maybe it’s the envy of their neighbors by having the best lawn.  It could be a number of things but the point is you need to find out what it is and use that in your web and ad copy.

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